Community Tracing App

Help stem the spread of COVID-19 with Bayanihan-driven contact tracing!

Now available on Android and on IOS!

How WeTrace

WeTrace assigns unique QR codes to every user to protect their privacy and uses geolocation data for contact tracing. No other information is collected by the app. Watch the video below to know more:

Why WeTrace?

WeTrace is all about working together to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Keeping yourself safe

Every day, we bump into a lot of people – on our way to work, while doing groceries. When one of them gets infected with COVID-19, health workers can reach out to you more quickly with the WeTrace app.

Keeping our family safe

Be the link that breaks the chain. Statistics show that most COVID-19 cases start in family clusters. Contact tracing through WeTrace  helps protect the people you go home to Рyour family.

Keeping the community safe

WeTrace is more effective when more users use it. Let’s all play our part in keeping not only yourself nor your family safe, but the entire Filipino community as well. That’s the true meaning of Bayanihan.

Available soon on
both iOS and Android.

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